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Private road trips

Use these itineraries to inspire your customized journey

If you want to experience authentic and exclusive travel experiences, we can help you. Travel with us in our own 4WD VAN, in a comfortable and protected way and enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. 

We can give you tailor-made itineraries according to your interests, where little-promoted destinations are combined with other famous ones. We invite you to follow the "off the beaten track" roads, with their secrets, amazing landscapes and the hospitality of its people.

Expedition to Patagonia of the beaten track

13-day road trip southern Patagonia, from the Pacific to the Atlantic through the steppe and "Carretera Austral". Approximately distance covered: 4.600 Km


13 day/12 nights

Expedition through the wild Patagonia way

9-day road trip from Buenos Aires to Somuncurá plateau, through the Pampas, the North Patagonia and the Atlantic wild coast. Approximate driving distance: 3,500 km


9 day/10 nights

Expedition to the wild heart of The Andean Desert

Six days – Five nights road trip between Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, across the high Andes Altiplano and its huge salt flats. Approximate driving distance: 1,700 km. The road trip can be started in Chile (Calama airport) or Argentina (Salta…


6 day/5 nights

Expedition into the high desert of The Andes

Five-day road trip through the high Atacama plains (Puna de Atacama) Approximate driving distance: 1,500 km IMPORTANT: This trip can start in Salta airport (Argentina) or in Calama airport (Chile) This trip could start in Salta…

Argentina / optionally Chile

5 day/6 nights

Expedition in the Argentine and Chile Andes

Five-day road trip from Humahuaca gorge to the Atacama Desert, across the High Andes Plateau. Note: This trip can start in Salta airport (Argentina) or in Calama airport (Chile) Approximate driving distance: 1.300 km.


5 day/6 nights

Expedition from Buenos Aires to Iguassu Falls

7-day road trip through The Pampas, the wetlands and the jungle. Approximate driving distance: 1,500 km


7 days/8 nights

Expedition from Iguassu Falls to Pantanal

8-day road trip through the Jungle, the deep Paraguay, the South Pantanal and the Gran Chaco. Approximate driving distance: 2,600 km Countries visited: Paraguay / Brazil (Optional extension to Argentina) IMPORTANT: This trip can start…


8 days/9nights

Expedition into an ancestral valley of the Andean World

5 days road trip through the Calchaqui Valley in the Northwest Argentina.

Argentina/Opcional extensión a Chile

5 day/4 nights

Expedition into The Pampas

4-DAY ROAD TRIP TO THE GAUCHO’S LAND AND HEART OF LAS PAMPAS Approximate driving distance: 680 km.

Argentina /Optional extension to Uruguay

4 day/5 nights

Expedition from Buenos Aires to The Andes

Six-day road trip across The Pampas to the high Andes and the West deserts.Approximate driving distance: 660 km  Optional: Cross the Andes mountain range to Chile and the Pacific Ocean.

Argentina (optional extension to Chile)

7 day/8 nights

Expedition to the land of the mythical guarani tribe

7-day road trip from Asunción to Iguassu Falls (or vv) following the footsteps of the last 400 years of its history of the Guaraní ethnic group.Approximate driving distance: 1,300 km


7 days/8 nights

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