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Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of trips BYWAYS by COVITOUR CONGRESOS S.A.

These detailed general conditions regulate the Overland Trips and Excursions provided or contracted through Trips byways. Particular conditions will be agreed for specific groups.


These detailed general conditions regulate the Overland Trips and Excursions provided or contracted through Trips byways. Particular conditions will be agreed for specific groups.


Full or half day tour departing and returning from/to the same place, these services are provided by third parties and Trips byways only acts as intermediate person. The itinerary may vary due to operative reasons or weather conditions.

Expedition Trips 

Its duration may last from 2 to 30 days and its provided by Trips byways with their own vehicles, it can start and end in the same country or can includes more than one country starting and ending in different capitals or cities.
Trips byways acts as a middle agent unless when use their own vehicles or rented vehicles, to travel with passengers according to law 19918 Brussels’Convention.


For security reasons, during overland trips, drivers will not drive for more than 8 hours per day, in case there are two drivers per car/van the maximum time allowed for driving is 12 hours per day.
Passengers are not allowed to drive under any circumstances.

Cars/Vans Maintenance

Trips byways keeps its fleet in excellent condition and with regular car maintenance services from official service providers. In the remote case that the car/van brakes down during an overland trip, Trips byways may: a) rent another vehicle to continue the overland trip or b) Buy a bus and/or a plane ticket to continue the trip with no extra cost for the passengers, in this case the passengers will not have the right to claim any other amount of money. All of our vehicles are VTV approved (VTV means vehicle technical verification)

How to book

Reservations must be done by sending an e mail to info@trips byways.com or patricia.perez@covitour.com. You will receive our confirmation within the following 24 hours, in case that the confirmation in less than 24 hours will not be possible to send, an alternative confirmation and quotation will be sent as soon as possible.


Once the Overland trip and/or Excursions is confirmed, a down payment of 30% of the total price must be paid to ensure the services and dates. The amount due (70%) shall be paid no longer than 20 days before the arrival of the passengers. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the deposit will be subjected to the cancellation policy. (see this subject)
The payments must be done by bank wire transfer, and Trips byways will send the Bank information together with the Overland Trip and/or Excursions confirmation.


In all cases amendments should be notified in writing.

For technical or operative reasons, Trips byways reserves the right, to amend totally or partially the services which are part of the Overland trip and/or Excursions confirmed.

In the case that the passengers reserve the accommodation through Trips byways; the hotels confirmed by Trips byways could be changed for others of the same or better category within the same area without any charge for the passengers. Regarding this variation the passengers will not have the right to receive any compensation. This situation may occur because of “force majeure” or Acts of God or due to Hotel responsibility, SEE BY ROAD only acts as an intermediate.

Trips byways may cancel any Overland trips and/or Excursions, or may modify its duration or route, or may modify the quotation due to any of the following circumstances:
– Force majeure and Acts of God;
– In case of an international economical crises or rate of money exchange extremely increase that considerably affects    the price of the trip (more than 25%).
– Floods, fire, or any Nature Hazards.

In the case that the Overland trip and/or the Excursions already reserved and paid to Trips byways need to be shorten or extended due to causes beyond Trips byway’s control, such as strikes or natural disasters, or “force majeure circumstances”. Trips byways keeps the right to cancel the Overland trip and/or Excursions or modify its length as well as the itinerary previously booked, and it is obliged to refund to the passenger the amount for the services not supplied less expenses if they exist.

Once the Overland trip and/or the Excursions have started; partial cancellations, modifications or interruptions of any or all of the services already reserved by the passengers for any personal reasons and/or health reasons will not allow any claim or refund for the passengers.

Cancellations and Refunds Policies

In the case of a voluntary discontinuance that affects the services already contracted through Trips byways, the refund will be subjected to the general conditions of each provider. In case of refund, Trips byways may withhold the price of all the expenses may have incurred plus the 10% administrative expenses fees of the services contracted with a third party when the cancellation exceeds 20 days of anticipation. After 20 days before departure until 10 days before departure, the charge for cancellation will be 30% of the total value of the trip. If such cancellation is 9 days or less before departure, the charge of cancellation will be up to100%.

In the case that the down payment has already been paid and the amount due (70%) is not completed before 20 days prior to the passengers arrival, the Overland trip and/or the Excursions will be cancelled and the amount already paid will not be reimbursed.

Air Cancellations: Cancellations fees will be applied according to the Airlines Regulations. Trips byways reserve the right to withhold 10 % of the fare for administrative and operative expenses.


All the refunds (in case it corresponds) will be done by Bank wire transfer not before 30 days after the cancellation occurs.
No refund will be considered for the services that the passenger voluntarily rejected for any reason or for those services that could not be provided due to force majeure reasons, such as bad weather conditions, strikes, fire, etc. If a refund corresponds, it will be made according to the price previously paid. Every passenger must have trip insurance and travel assistance coverage with a cancellation clause to avoid any problems.

Not included in our Tours or Services

Tips, personal items, drinks (unless specified), laundry, etc.*

Any services that is not specifically indicated in the voucher sent by Trips byways.*

Stays, food and/or additional expenses or any damages due to cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of transport, or due to unexpected reasons beyond Trips byways.*

Food in transit, unless specified.*

Visas, Medical Insurance, legal Insurance, medicine or others.*

Additional fees for extra weigh in baggage.*

Hotels Admission

Check in time to hotels in Argentina is at 3 pm. Some flights arrive early in the morning so, as the check out is at noon, it is possible that the rooms may not be available at the arriving time of the passengers. To guarantee an early check in or late check out for the passengers; the previous night should be booked and paid as well.

Limitations for the right of stay

Trips byways has the right to expel any passenger, whose behavior, way of acting or health during the overland trip and or Excursion, becomes a risk or make the other people feel uncomfortable. Advise: Public force may be used if necessary.

International Travel Documents

Valid passport, vaccinations and a visa may be required. Contact nearest Argentinean, Bolivian, Brazilian, Paraguayan, Peruvian or Uruguayan Embassy (depending on the itinerary) to obtain more information.

Transfers and Tours

Trips byways only provides free transfers to/from the airport in case of specification, if not, transfers must be hired by passengers. Trips byways may provide this service on request at a very convenient price.


The luggage allowed is one suitcase that weighs not more than 23 kg and one handbag per person, Trips byways is not responsible for luggage handling, damaged or extra cost for extra weight.


Matters that arise due to a celebration, fulfillment, breach, extension or cancellation of the present agreement, shall be submitted to the Ordinary Court of the Buenos Aires City in Argentina. In the case of submission to said jurisdiction, the contracting parties are subject and accept the conditions established in the Ordinary Court of Arbitration of Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.

Application Rules

The present agreement and in the case of provision of services, Law N° 18.829 and its regulation by the Brussels Regulation passed by Law N° 19.918 will be in force. These General Conditions in addition to the documentation handed to the passengers will constitute the Travel Agreement established by the aforementioned Convention.


Liability Reliance Form (sample)

Responsibility release

Date…..of………………..of 20…

I give my express consent for the excursions hired which I will take part of, declaring that I have been informed, in a comprehensive manner, about the conditions and circumstances related to its performance.

I declare that I am in good physical health and shape, therefore I am capable to perform cardiovascular efforts and practice different sports hired or included in the excursions I will take part of.

As my participation is completely voluntary, the organizers or services providers …………………………………………………will be absolved by me or my relatives, of their responsibilities in case of material and/or personal damage or loss that may occur.

Sign ………………………………………

Name …………………………………..

Passport nº…………………………..