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The Pampas

All the romantic fantasies about Argentina are concentrated at The Pampas which allows you to take a look at Argentina’s recent history. 

Today, on its internal roads and in the traditional estancias, the “Gaucho” continues the tradition and spirit of this infamous nomadic character. These redoubts are ideal for relaxing and getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days before flying home.

The landscape

The real Pampa resembles a land of fantasies. The fertile soil and rich pastures, in its vast meadow is lost of sight dotted with thousands of cattle heads that are the basis of the "asado" (barbecue) of the best meat in the world.

The deep Pampas and the Gauchos

Enter the hidden paths in the immensity of La Pampa is equivalent to crossing the same geography that once belonged exclusively to the Gauchos.

Today it is still possible to see, that mythical men who roamed the plain without a pattern, without owner and law.