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The Andean World

A kaleidoscopic region of salt flats, rolling hills, deserts, hundreds of volcanoes, multicolored mountains and high plateau.
The scenery in the Andes changes as you go.
Apart from geological wonders, the Andean world contains the history of South America.

This dusty, sunny region has preserved evidence of life dating back to 10.000 years, from the first hunter-gatherer tribes to pre-Hispanic communities, the Inca culture, the Spanish colonizers, to the struggle for independence in the 19th century.

Behind and forth always with strange mountains, amid volcanoes and salt flats, some shepherds with a small flock of vicuñas, mountain passes of altitude reaching 5,000 meters, dusty valleys and timid inhabitants.  At these isolated lands, shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, you will imagine going in a mars landscape... It is certainly an extraordinary sensation.

The wonderful Andean roads

The roads of the Andes incite curiosity and wonder. How far do they lead? Where are the gorges lost? Since when do they carry and bring? The Andean world is an extraordinary reality, many of its paths are not easy to see, but they exist, created by the coming and going of its inhabitants over the centuries. 

History and culture at Andean World

This magnificent cultural heritage, created piece by piece over centuries, is the valuable treasure that anonymous original inhabitants left imprinted in the popular memory to be transmitted from mouth to mouth from the past to the future.

The Andean local people

One of the main attractions in the Andean region is to observe how their particular lifestyle works together with their intact identity. 

Towns and forgotten sites along the valleys lie here and there, many of them with well-preserved ancient churches and “adobe”(mud) houses. 

The wildlife of the Andean World

Although on our first visit to this destination we were overwhelmed by the incredibly beautiful landscapes, we soon discovered that these mountains of the Andean world are a paradise for the observation of unique and impressive wild animals.