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Jungle and Falls

Deep in the jungle, the red earth is dotted with countless rivers and streams, many of which form hundreds of waterfalls throughout the region. Some of them tumultuously collapse into the void from heights equivalent to the Statue of Liberty or curiously fall sideways for several kilometers.

This subtropical forest, shared by Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, was and is ancestrally inhabited by a proud ethnic group: the Guarani, and houses the remains of ancient Spanish missions, once cities within walls, now disturbing relics of the colonial era, scene of one of the most fascinating experiences in America.

These missions were consolidated in Latin America during the 18th century, witnessing the encounter between the Jesuits and the worldview of the native peoples of America. Touring this area enriches those who want to be the protagonists of a magical journey where customs and nature will leave a permanent imprint on the memories

Around the jungle and the Iguassu waterfall

As you advance, the vegetation grows; it completely covers the sky in some stretches. 

The humid earth becomes redder, the river is agitated, its turbulences increase, which, associated with a growing din, warns us that we are arriving at a different and imposing place. 

The violent feeling of vertigo, the jungle atmosphere and the constant deafening thunder will remember it all your life.

The Atlantic Jungle

Going into a jungle path in a great state of preserve towards the heart of the Atlantic Jungle is a unique and fascinating experience. 

In the jungle the silence is only interrupted by the birds singing, the blowing wind and the animal sounds. 

Amazing sideways falls

Can you imagine a river that falls sideways? Is not so logical, isn't it? However, that place exists and is another wonder of nature in this region where the water dominates the landscape.

The lost roads of the Jungle

All the senses are invited to join the experience in a jungle path at the heart of jungle, smelling the fresh air and wet herbs, admiring the vast vegetation and the red soil, and hearing the blowing wind and the jungle sounds.

The Jesuits, the natives and the immigrants

During the seventeenth, the Jesuits and the Guaraní tribe fulfilled one of the most relevant chapters into the History of Humanity. They displayed a social, cultural, and religious lifestyle that was the only one of its kind.