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Huge Marshlands

As soon as the sun dawns, wetland fauna unfolds in its vastness of species of air, water and land.

A world of millions and millions of hectares of flourishing nature, owner of its own cultures and forged by the confluence of history.

Our trips follow the flight of birds through these enormous wetlands of South America, marked by the conservation of nature in an extraordinary environment.

Iberá Marshes

In the Guaraní language, "Iberá" means "bright waters". This sentence describes perfectly what you will see in this unique area: this huge ecosystem is a virgin area, the perfect habitat for hundreds of animal and plant species. 

The South

Imagine an ecosystem with an area almost as large as Italy, a huge inland delta almost uninhabited, except for the impressive wildlife. 

This is the “Pantanal”, an ecological paradise in the heart of South America, one of the most immense and virgin ecosystems on our planet.

La Estrella, stunning wetland

Close to the border between Argentina and Paraguay, suddenly the landscape looks like a surrealistic picture. A huge wetland surrounded by palm trees, "champales" (islands or sand bars), and great diversity of birds and fauna where sunsets are especially magical.