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Who we are

We are a couple of "Baby Boomers", husband and wife, both graduates in Tourism; we have both traveled to dozens of countries around the world.

We know and love this land because we were born and live here, currently our house is temporarily between Buenos Aires and Asuncion, but our heart is at all that portion of South America.

Patricia is passionate about travel, photography and has a Master in Environmental Studies. 

Cristian loves geology, history and loves to travel too.

In 1989 we founded Covitour, Incoming & Corporate, a travel company, which after thirty years it grew up, and became a successful and recognized company around the world.

In so many years, we were lucky enough to travel through many of South America's countries with local friends who took us to places and shared things we would never have experienced on our own. 

Before, while we ran a traditionalist travel company, we offered our customers around the world general tourism services in Argentina and the border countries.

Now we decide to make a change in our lives. We felt there was a space to create unique travel experiences with a personal, human touch for others and we start that other company.

We take advantage of our experience and knowledge we left our desks behind and decided to help our clients set up authentic exclusive travel experiences.

So, we take our 4 × 4 car and travel together with our clients, make them our guests and friends to explore together the hidden routes of the southern portion of South America

We are passionate about South America, its landscapes, its history, its culture and its people.

We invite you to discover this land with us.

Who we are
What we do?

We have specialized in road expeditions in Southern South America.  Each of our trips "off the beaten track" is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. We build authentic immersive customized experiences.

  • We know how to reach places visited just by a few people, driving you along unusual scenic roads, instead of the shorter or the better-paved road.
  • We achieve this and even more. All of our expeditions are created by a balance of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly local people.
  • Fully personalized trips from start to finish, in private vehicles in unusual destinations in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile or Uruguay.
  • We focus on the needs and expectations of our clients, to show what is truly unforgettable. The goal is not to reach the destination but to create an experience that exceeds the expectations of a special type of tourist. Along the way, we promote new experiences with local people. Our trips help support Conservation. 
What we do?
Our expertise

After almost three decades of experience, we better understand the needs of each traveler and how to help them prepare their trip; making the most of the richness and details of the places to visit and their people.

  • We have run our own tourism business for more than three decades. 
  • We served tourists from more than 35 countries, from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
  • We have driven up and down and across thousands of kilometers through the South American byways. 
  • We know in depth the Southern Cone of South America: The Patagonian steppes, the jungles, the deserts, the wetlands, the heights of the Andes, the villages of The Pampas, the wildlife sanctuaries, the rivers, the savannas, etc.
Our expertise
Commitment to sustainability

We are members of the global network of ecotourism professionals of "The International Ecotourism Society", which leads efforts to make tourism a viable tool for conservation, protection of bio-cultural diversity and sustainable community development.

We are aware that the small individual impacts that our business generates can cause important changes at a global level, which is why we have assumed the commitment to always take care that our trips are friendly to the environment.

Our priorities with protecting the environment are simple but achievable:

  • Promote practices in favor of the environment within our reach.
  • Preserve the fragile ecosystems in the wild places that inspire us.
  • Avoid places that suffer from tourist overcrowding or promote visiting them in low season
  • Be aware of the impact on the landscapes and seascapes we visit.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of landscapes, ecosystems, species and local traditions.
  • Reduce the amount of waste and pollution.
  • Stimulate environmental responsibility and conservation.
Commitment to sustainability
Commitment to communities

We are very aware that with the support of our passengers, we contribute with local inhabitants to receive fairer benefits from tourism in the native communities where we operate.

We promote practices in favor of local communities at the destinations we visit, making a friendly experience of our passengers.

We have approached RESPONDE, a nonprofit organization and without political or religious orientation, dedicated to promoting the social and economic development of the smallest rural towns of Argentina, committing ourselves to the preservation and defense of the roots, identity and cultural heritage. (https://responde.org.ar/portal.php)

Our priorities with social and economic destinations developments.

  • Provide more experiences that are enjoyable for tourists through connections with the local population.
  • Generate respect between tourists and hosts.
  • Meet people of different origins and learn about their ways of life.
  • Generate greater economic benefits for the local population.
  • Promote the consumption of local products.
Commitment to communities
Responsible travel

Traveling is a much more pleasant experience when you know that your trip directly benefits others.

In our trips, we mainly focus on immersion in nature and observing wildlife in their natural habitat while protecting the environment and improving the well-being of the local population.

We make it easy for you to travel knowing that in addition to having a rewarding experience you are contributing positively to the preservation of cultures and ways of life, the protection of the environment and the conservation of animals.

Responsible travel